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               供應電腦燙金模切兩用機 Date:2011-10-11

            Ruiboda Printing Mechanism Co., Ltd is known as a share-holding corporation which specialized in manufacturing creasing & cutting machine and program-control bronzing die-cutting machine. Ever since the established day, we have built up a computer net management enterprise integrates scientific research,design, manufacturing and marketing and also have absorbed many domestic advanced high-precise processing equipments to match with the production of production line by holding "Quality is life and Customer is foremost" as our management concept.

            We contain a young team with rich experience, vigor, and vitality and innovation conscience to lead the company and many professional research and design staff to perfect the after-sale system. By always remembering "Quality is the life of brand, innovated and striking to meet the requirements of customers", we are qualified to provide customers with higher efficiency.

            Facing today full of challenges, we are trying to be more energetic and active to improve our quality of management and service and we are always looking forward to cooperate with customers from all fields to create a fantastic future!

              Ruiboda Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. Add.No.699 Port Avenue,Ruian Economic Zone.Ruian Tel:0086-577-65166601 65166602
              Fax:0086-577-65166602 Http://www.followprogram.com E-mail:cai@ruiboda.com.cn QQ:48015680 (P.C):325200